Plan on spending many happy hours on the beach, in the pool and relaxing in perfectly situated hammocks around the property and in the nearby enramadas, but don’t miss seeing the area in Barra de Potosi where people live.

Although the little town of Barra de Potosi might not draw you in at first, it is well worth spending some time in and getting to know. During the earlier part of the day the village is a bustling scene. Music is often blaring, kids are playing in the streets, gas and milk and garbage trucks are passing through. If the fruit and vegetable man is selling produce out of the back of his truck, don’t hesitate to walk up and see what he is offering. If the knife sharpener is passing by with his whistle and wheel, have him sharpen your pocketknife.

If you want to settle in and watch the locals, we suggest that you make it down to the village to eat tacos at night. There are a few taquerias and small family-run restaurants along the middle of the three streets which open up about 7:00 PM. One of the most authentic is Dona Emi’s on the right, down towards the end of the street. She makes her tortillas by hand and cooks them on a comal (a clay disk held over an open fire). Usually she has tacos de puerco (pork), tacos de pollo (chicken tacos, which are actually rolled up and fried like little taquitos), and tacos de barbacoa, which are beef. Fish is not served at night in the village. The village people are fishermen and eat their main meal of fish earlier on in the day.

During the day, be sure to spend plenty of time at the enramadas, at the end of the beach from Serenata del Mar. A meal of red snapper (usually caught that morning), tortillas, rice, salsa and a couple of drinks will set you back $5 – 15. The guacamole and fresh chips are the best we have had.

If you would like to arrange a fishing trip, a visit to a turtle sanctuary, a horseback ride on the beach, a kayak rental or a lagoon tour, such activities can readily be arranged through our property managers, Toby and Claudia.   Alternately, ask around the village for Avi (, cel: 755 102 6509), an English speaking local who works as a tour guide.

A day trip on the lagoon is a treat. You can rent kayaks, or take a boat tour up through the mangrove trees. You will see a range of wildlife and perhaps even the rare roseate spoonbill. Birders routinely check new species on their lists when they visit this area.  Go early to beat the heat and see more birds. Kayaks can be reserved in advance for an early morning trip by calling Orlando at cel: 755-100 1642

A visit to the Refugio de Potosi, located just 2 miles up the road from Serenata del Mar, is a great experience. This very special 7 hectare ecological park includes botanical displays, insect, arachnid and snake exhibits, iguana habitat, macaw roosts, and hummingbird feeding stations, butterfly house and breeding facilities, wild life ponds and a 15 meter observation tower. They are open 10 AM – 5 PM Sunday, Monday and Thursday.

Bicycling, Scuba diving, snorkeling and surfing are additional popular activities in the area.

Many guests enjoy a day trip to Zihuatanejo where they can visit the artisan markets, shop for local tequila and salt, sample the diverse cuisine of different parts of Mexico, take a boat to Playa los Gatos for a day of snorkeling and make use of the high speed internet in the internet cafes that grace almost every street corner. A rental car, taxi ride or public bus is your best option for getting to Ixtapa and Zihuatanejo, located 25 minutes away from Serenata del Mar.

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